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For over 170 years, Poland Spring® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water has delivered pure, cooling refreshment throughout the United States to consumers who care about health and hydration

Poland Spring’s water is naturally filtered. The natural filtration was created when a glacier retreated from Maine over 10,000 years ago. It passes through sand and gravel and the end result is salt-free and low mineral spring water.

The original Poland Spring Inn, opened to the public in 1797, is now the site of a historic springhouse celebrating the heritage of its legendary waters.

Water Stewardship & Community initiatives

We have set up many local partnerships in Maine with groups such as, The Ecology School, the Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Maine Children’s Water Festivals and our own Trout in the Classroom/Brookies Buddies Program.

Since 2000, more than 100,000 Maine students have benefited from programs created or funded by Poland Spring and thanks to our Good Neighbor Grant Program, we have supported many local educational or ecological groups.

And through our Good Science Scholarships we are helping high school seniors in Maine studying to become future scientists, engineers or conservationists.


Environmental sustainability

We use just a small portion of Maine’s groundwater. To protect our environment, every year, we take only about 10% of the water that evaporates off Sebago Lake during one very hot summer month.

We have reduced our use of PET plastics by over 60% in .5 liter bottles since 1994. All our bottles are recyclable. Even our 3-gallon and 5-gallon bottles used for home and office dispensers, are washed, cleaned and refilled 20 times before recycling. We are proud to be leading the bottled water category with our pledge to use 100% recycled plastic across our still water portfolio by 2022, starting with the 1 Liter size.


We also plan to ship 4000 containers of Poland Spring by rail instead of by truck every year.


About Poland Spring

Our water was first bottled in 1845 by the Ricker Family at the Poland Spring Inn. Today, Poland Spring is one of the top selling spring water brands in America.

Poland Spring is sourced from several different spring water sources in Maine; each is chosen for its long-term sustainability via continually refreshed snowmelt, rainfall and groundwater. Thanks to consistent geological formation and mineral composition, you’ll always enjoy the same crisp, refreshing taste from Poland Spring.

Poland Spring is available at home, at work or on the go, thanks to economical home and office delivery and a full range of bottle formats. Sparkling water, unflavored or accented with sugar-free fruit flavors, offers an exciting taste sensation, on its own or with meals. Poland Spring shares its commitment to healthy hydration through sponsorship of the Boston, and the TCS New York City marathons, keeping thousands of runners cool and invigorated each year.

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Rights: Royalty free for illustration of a press article.

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