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energised waterstrong carbonated water

These waters have a lot of personality. Their bubbles are very wild and peppery. These waters have a lot of movement, and can wake up every part of the mouth. There is a tangy freshness associated with their strong carbonation. These waters are typically consumed on their own, or may be used as a “mixer” to create other drinks.

One member of this family: Perrier

perrier energised water 

Perrier emerges from the limestone ridge of the Nîmes scrublands or garrigue (France), with an explosive taste. Its hint of bitterness mingles with the flavour of all the lively bubbles you could wish for. Perrier is intensely fresh: its bubbles burst to leave a sensation which is both long-lasting and pronounced.

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Master Tseng's tasting notes:

“A chalky nose and fruity notes conjuring up the acidity of a Granny Smith apple and the aroma of unripe apricot. It has a heavy, robust texture. Tasting Perrier produces a refreshing prickling sensation similar to pepper. Its strong, harmoniously-dosed elements strike a balance between bitterness, acidity and salinity”.

Yu Hui Tseng, Taiwanese in origin and the only female in the world’s top ten best known “Masters of Tea.” Master Tseng’s tea house in Paris offers 1,200 varieties of the most refined teas.

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