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Discover Our Soft and Elegant Waters

soft waterelegant water

These sparkling waters are very softly carbonated. The bubbles are so thin and delicate they seem almost ethereal, delicately tickling the tongue before quickly disappearing. These waters show a lot of finesse and subtlety, and their texture is quite soft. Due to the gentle, elegant nature of bubbles, these waters can cleanse the palate, and are thus ideal to accompany meals.

One member of this family: San Lourenço

Waters from Sao Lourenço, a small town in Minas Gerais State, are renowned in Brazil. The town is one of the premier spa destinations in the country. The water’s floral aroma, soft texture and delicate, fine bubbles make it a natural sparkling water which is a pleasure to drink.

Master Tseng's tasting notes:

“A fresh nose with mother-of-pearl hints of seashell over a dominant granite note. The creamy, soft texture retains its suppleness. It tastes of a mixture of salty and acid elements such as fruit acids, giving quite a good balance overall, with a slight hint of bitterness”.

Yu Hui Tseng, Taiwanese in origin and the only female in the world’s top ten best known “Masters of Tea.” Master Tseng’s tea house in Paris offers 1,200 varieties of the most refined teas.

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