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Discover Our Light and Pure Waters

Light waterLow salt water

This family of waters offers pure and bright sensations, and a lot of balance. They are soft, with low mineral and salt content. Many love their freshness and fluidity due to the feeling of purity and the regenerative effect they provide. They are ideal for children due to their soft and gentle taste.

One member of this family: Acqua Panna

Acqua Panna light water 

Aqua Panna is as light as silk, epitomising Tuscan mellowness. Its pure, velvety taste found favour with the Medicis as far back as the Renaissance. It is incredibly luminous, with a low mineral content and a well-rounded character. It is a perfect, refreshing accompaniment to food.

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Master Tseng's tasting notes :

“With a hint of wet granite. It is like discovering a clear stream. It has a light, almost silky, texture. Its balanced taste combines salty, bitter and sweet elements and conjures up wet white pebbles”.

Yu Hui Tseng, Taiwanese in origin and the only female in the world’s top ten best known “Masters of Tea.” Master Tseng’s tea house in Paris offers 1,200 varieties of the most refined teas.

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