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Discover Our Bold and Distinctive Waters

Bold waterHigh salinity water

These waters have a high-mineral content and salinity. They are full-bodied and have a velvety, sometimes almost an oily texture. They are appreciated for their “gustatory” qualities and the sense of “nourishment” associated with their taste profile. They have a strong personality and are mostly consumed on their own.

One member of this family: Contrex

Contrex bold water 

Contrex is highly distinctive, even though it emerges from the French ground only a few kilometres away from its neighbour Vittel. Its pronounced, flavourful taste gives it a unique personality in the mouth. Its creamy, almost nourishing, texture emphasises its character. It makes no secret of its mineral content!

See more about Contrex (official website in french)

Master Tseng's tasting notes :

“It has a chalky, kaolin, lightly iodised nose. Contrex is unquestionably a water with a strong personality, with very overt aromas and an obviously high magnesium and calcium content. Its thick, dense texture gives a sensation of particles in suspension in the mouth. On tasting, it has salty, bitter notes with a lingering hint of bitterness in the finish”.

Yu Hui Tseng, Taiwanese in origin and the only female in the world’s top ten best known “Masters of Tea.” Master Tseng’s tea house in Paris offers 1,200 varieties of the most refined teas.

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