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Our 6 Water Families

We have now devised a detailed taste map of 140 waters, breaking them down into six families of taste, three for still waters and three for sparking.

Putting our waters on the map

Once our expert tasters had worked their way through the 140 different waters we asked them to analyse, we used their reports to represent each water in the form of a diagram and to group together different waters presenting similar profiles.

The “waters map” that resulted shows that the waters break down into six broad clusters, or families of taste – three for still waters and three for sparkling. We have given them names that we think clearly express the dominating characteristics of each family.

The six families

  • Light & Pure
  • Rich & Revitalising
  • Bold & Distinctive
  • Soft & Elegant
  • Lively & Thirst quenching
  • Vivacious & Energising

“May I recommend this water?”

Not only is our “waters map” a pioneering tool for classifying waters according to taste, it also opens up new options for enjoying water. It will help consumers to find their bearings in the immensely diverse world of flavours and to experience a variety of different tastes.

And it will surely not be long until sommeliers offer their expert advice on the perfect water to accompany a particular dish, cheese or dessert as readily as they recommend a wine!

Take a look and discover the water for you!