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Nałęczowianka enriches itself with minerals while travelling from its source for over 20 years, making it a mineral water that can be drunk every day, for all – men, women, older and younger generations. The health properties of the water were first examined in 1817 by Dr. Józef Celinski, Professor at Warsaw University.

Our aim is to protect the original purity and the natural properties of the extracted water. To preserve the natural composition and microflora of Nałęczowianka we do not give our waters any additional processes besides aeration and filtration.

Water Stewardship

In the local community of Nałęczów, where our Nałęczowianka bottling factory is based, we are working with residents, the local government and organisations to support our commitment to improve livelihoods in communities near to where we operate.

So far, we have renovated playgrounds for children with special recycling containers and educational boards to encourage children to recycle. We are also working with local fishermen to maintain the local park pond, organized events for the local orphanage, and helped to buy a bus for disabled children and a truck for the local fire brigade.

Environmental sustainability

We are also a partner of the ‘Act with imPETus!’ project led by packaging recovery organization, Rekopol, together with co-partners: three other leading FMCG producers of bottled water and beverages in Poland.

The collaboration works with schools, local governments and non-governmental organizations on educational activities to promote the correct PET sorting and benefits of recycling.

About Nałęczowianka

Nałęczowianka is extracted from the springs of the same name, located in the Spa Nałęczów, in the outskirts of Kazimierz Landscape Park near Lublin.

Nałęczowianka is available as still or sparkling natural mineral. It’s distributed by retail or out of home.

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Rights: Royalty free for illustration of a press article.


Rights: Royalty free for illustration of a press article.

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