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An extremely pure, natural mineral water that comes from the protected and untouched Alpine mountain peaks. Thanks to its unique and untouched origin, Levissima embodies the regenerating and purifying powers of nature.

In 2018 the brand launched Levissima +, an innovative new range of functional flavored waters with added mineral salts to help people lead healthy, active lifestyles. Through the #everydayclimbers platform, Levissima inspires thirst of life and determination to all “climbers” of new objectives, who never give up and always aim for the best, living every challenge with more impulse and passion.

Levissima comes from the Latin adjective levis, which means "light".

Water Stewardship

Levissima's commitment starts from the care of the mountain from which it comes and from the territory that generates it. The Levissima sources are protected and controlled daily by specialized geologists and hydrologists, in collaboration with the naturalists of the Stelvio National Park (the protected area where the mineral water comes from).

Since 2012, the Levissima bottling plant has been certified "Valtellina Impresa", a certification of local social and environmental responsibility, regulated by the Sondrio Chamber of Commerce. In 2017 began a renewal of the plant’s certification.

The renovated plant is conceived as a « sharing factory », open to workers’ families, local community and tourists. Aside its productive vocation, the aim of the Sharing Factory is to help discover the importance of valorizing water as a resource. Levissima Sharing Factory is also part of a network promoting sustainable mobility within the valley. This means green logistics (train and LNG trucks to reduce local environmental impact) and a recharge station for e-bike within the factory.

Since 2006 Levissima is also engaged in research projects for the protection of Italian glaciers. In collaboration with the University of Milan with the support of the Ev-K2-CNR Committee and the Italian Glaciological Committee, we have created a new register of Italian glaciers.

The cooperation with the University includes also a matching funding campaign: the #EVERYDAYCLIMBERS bracelet that consumers can buy on our e-store to support the activities to preserve the Glaciers.

Levissima Italian glaciers

Environmental sustainability

All Levissima bottles are made of PET, a 100% recyclable material and for this reason we sensitize our consumers to properly recycle the bottles, through ad hoc communications on packaging and numerous concrete projects.

Levissima adopts a sustainable sponsorship strategy to embed recycling messages in all its activities. As sponsor of the 2019 Generali Milano Marathon, it has collected more than 200,000 bottles left by the runners during the competition and we will use the recycled plastic for the restyling of the Fitness Trail stations, in one of the biggest public Park in Milan

We have also promoted sorting and waste collection in the Milanese parks and in the ski areas of Lombardy, Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta.

After years of research, we have created an even more environmentally friendly bottle with 30% plastic of vegetable origin, intended for all those who want to be an active part of a more conscious consumption. Levissima was in fact the first to use a BIO-PET of vegetable origin, which comes from the processing of sugar cane to offer a light, unbreakable bottle, perfectly hygienic and also suitable for sparkling.

Levissima has also reinforced its commitment to environmental sustainability: 40% of our water is transported by train and we have implemented our fleet made up entirely of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) powered vehicles, the less polluting fossil fuel available. Our Factory uses 100% renewable electric power. Moreover, the new Sharing Factory will improve its environmental performance, striving for “zero impact” on water management.


About Levissima

Levissima is born in the heart of the Central Alps, in a protected and uncontaminated area on the western edge of the Stelvio Natural Park. Available both still and sparkling, it is widely consumed in Italy, and ranks as the national market leader.

Levissima is the official water of the Generali Milano Marathon that tests the runners’ determination through the city's historic streets. Levissima also supports the athletes of the alpine ski national as FISI’s (Italian federation of Winter Sports) official water.

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Rights: Royalty free for illustration of a press article.

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