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About La Vie water resource

La Vie water comes from the far and remote mountains forests, a beautiful, untouched gift from pristine nature

Flowing through an awe-inspiring landscape and trickling through mineral enriched rocks, La Vie absorbs the precious quality of its journey at each twist and turn, layer by layer, for over a 20,000 years, which allows accumulation of essential minerals, until it’s collected at a naturally protected aquifer, which is 400 meter deep down the earth.

La Vie mineral water is a unique combination of untouched natural water resources with 6 natural mineral nutrients essential to replenishes me with a natural and essential mineral quality and a light revitalizing taste to keep going.

Believe that La Vie provides high-quality water & healthy beverage in an environmentally sustainable way. Thus, La Vie pursuits for individuals and family, community and planet, via all below actions.

Water Stewardship

At La Vie, we strongly believe that long-term and sustainable business success is closely linked to the sustainability of the water resources that it has been exploiting. That sustainability only build upon the effective water stewardship in the aquifers and watersheds where its raw material sourced from, where its factories are located, and where its suppliers and consumers live.

Discover one of our initiatives: Boosting sustainability in Vietnam


With the leading role in water resources management, we are always actively improving the use of water resources effectively, committing to develop business with water resources management and water saving use in the geographies that we are exploiting.

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La Vie still natural mineral water


Environmental sustainability

Nestlé presented its vision for a waste-free future and announced actions to make 100% of its packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025. At Nestlé Waters, we fully support the urgent need to implement solutions to stop this plastic waste ending up in the environment.


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Rights: Royalty free for illustration of a press article.

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