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Launch of Henniez
mineral water
120 ha
protected land
6.8 GWH
Energy for
1500 households
Renewable energy
used by our factory
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Henniez water was already prized by the Celts and then by the Romans. The village of Henniez became a health and wellness destination in 1688. Thanks to scientific analysis the mineral water was ruled out to have health benefits and was declared “mineral” in 1880.

The mineral water brand takes its name from the village of Henniez, the source and the factory being nearby.

Water Stewardship

In order to preserve the quality of Henniez mineral water, we protect nature as part of the ECO-Broye project, on 2,400 hectares around the source. Nestlé Waters works closely with farmers and other local stakeholders in order to protect natural resources and eco-systems and promote biodiversity in the Broye region.


Soon after taking over the Henniez brand in 2008, Nestlé Waters introduced an integrated water stewardship programme that strengthened earlier initiatives such as creating a protected zone of 120 hectares (The Henniez Domain) around the Henniez source. There, pesticides and phytosanitary products are banned.

Since 2009, 20 beehives have been installed and the bees can peacefully enjoy the pesticides-free domain.


Environmental sustainability

A core piece of the ECO-Broye project is the biggest agricultural biogas plant in Switzerland. The manure from around 25 farms is brought to the biogas plant at any time of the year. Coffee waste from the nearby Nespresso and Nescafé production and recycling is added. The biogas generated from the waste is transformed into heat and electricity for nearly 1,500 households. After the recycling process the farmers receive a high-quality organic fertilizer in exchange.


About Henniez

With more than 100 years of existence, Henniez has become one of the favorite mineral waters of the Swiss. In 1928 the brand became the first mineral water available all over Switzerland.

Henniez is available via many bottles sizes to be consumed in restaurants, on the move or at home. Since 1974, its three gas levels, recognizable by the famous color codes - red, green and blue - have contributed to the success of the Henniez brand.

Preserving nature and Henniez Domain are our main focus. Thanks to the forest, which protects groundwater, Henniez mineral water remains pure and balanced.

Henniez is proud to sponsor the Montreux Jazz Festival, refreshing music lovers from all over the world. Thanks to the brand’s partnership with the Athletissima Lausanne athletics meeting and the 20KM of Lausanne running race, athletes in action can also count on Henniez to be reinvigorated.

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henniez mineral water logo

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