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Erikli Water - Natural Spring Water – Turkey

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The source of Erikli Natural Spring Water is at an altitude of +2,000 meters, at the peak of Uludag, the highest mountain in the Marmara region of northwestern Turkey.

The geological strata formed thousands of years ago and the remote setting, high above the valley and its industrial and agricultural activities, ensures pure spring water with a distinctive taste.

16 million glasses of Erikli are consumed everyday

Water Stewardship

As part of the Erikli Goodness Factory project, Nestlé Waters Turkey regularly holds Open Factory initiatives in Uludağ - Bursa. The visitors can learn more about our company, its products and commitments. Different commitments to consumers, to deliver high-quality water and to promote healthy hydration, especially towards children and families.

Learn more: The Erikli Goodness Factory project in Turkey

Erikli most beloved water brand

Environmental sustainability

The Bursa plant switched its production to PET bottles with shorter necks, allowing it to reduce the quantity of raw materials employed in the manufacture of preform necks and caps by 1.42 grams and 0.6 grams, respectively. This has helped to reduce carbon emissions.


About Erikli

Erikli became a subsidiary of Nestlé Waters in 2006. Today it is the leading and most beloved bottled water brand in Turkey, purity coming from the heart of nature, Uludağ mountain.

Bottle size ranges from 225 ml to 19 litres. Erikli is available at retail stores, caterers, online, by mobile app and by home and office delivery

Erikli won Superior Taste Award 3 times in a row.

Erikli is bottled in the largest water bottling plant of Nestle Waters (Size of 19 football fields)

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