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Our quality policy

water insurance

Nestlé Waters strives to create value that can be sustained over the long term by meeting consumer needs for quality and producing reliable products that provide a healthy way to meet daily hydration needs.

Our commitment and reputation for high-quality products has been built over many years.

Our products guarantee that water is safe to consume, complies with all relevant laws and regulations and consistently meets the highest non- negotiable standards of quality.

Bottled water regulation

water quality insurance

The bottled water industry is controlled by regulations at the international, national and industry levels.

Regulation of bottled water in the United States and in Europe is among the strictest in the world.

Furthermore, bottled water is not only regulated under food regulation, but also in accordance with packaging and food contact standards, as well as even more specific local legislation.

In addition, compliance with international standards and guidelines set by the Codex Alimentarius and the WHO, which is then reinforced by industry self-regulation, ensures the highest level of safety and quality for bottled water.

These regulations collectively make bottled water one of the safest food products available for human consumption.


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