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Bottled water quality across the value chain

water quality analysis

Quality at the source and factory level is monitored internally and tested by external laboratories.

Water quality at the factory level

Quality at the source and factory level is monitored internally and tested by external laboratories.

Each of our factories is equipped with its own laboratory to conduct in-house tests to ensure product quality. At the factory level, microbiological and chemical analysis is carried out to ensure safety and compliance.

Bottled water quality analysis

The average frequency of product quality controls is shown in this table :

bottled water quality analysis

Factory laboratories are enrolled in international and independent profi ciency testing based on which the accuracy of the analytical facility is assessed.

Sensory water analysis

bottled water analysis

Sensory water analysis (tasting, smelling) is a mandatory stage of the factory level product control protocol.

Every Nestlé Waters factory has its own sensory expert panel. Each member has been selected, trained and equipped with sensory kits developed by quality experts to validate the sensory compliance of our products.

Human sensory capacities are highly efficient for detecting certain quality issues and come closest to the consumer experience.

Humans are potentially able to detect chemicals that are undetectable even by laboratory testing.

For instance, a molecule like trichloroanisole can be detected via the human sensors at 0.2 nanograms per litre concentration, while chromatographic devices are only able to detect it at 0.5 nanograms per litre.

Packaging is also continuously monitored on the production line and must comply with various testing protocols in the laboratory, including sensory testing.

Did you know ? Two tests per m3 of water produced

There are many tests and checks carried out on our products.

In 2008, Nestlé Waters France conducted an internal survey showing that the factories producing VITTEL CONTREX HEPAR and PERRIER brands conducted 4,114,000 product control or analysis tests on water.

This equates to 2.05 tests for every 1m3 of water produced. This broadly represents the average number of tests carried out at all factories.


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