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Our water analysis report

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Since 2005, Nestlé Waters North America has made detailed water analysis reports publicly available on the company’s website for all of its brands.

These reports are comparable to those published by public water utilities and are based on independent testing results from certified laboratories performance with respect to more than 100 microbiological or chemical items.

Nestlé Waters North America has also publicly endorsed United States Senator Frank Lautenberg’s recent call for a federal standard on the clear, consistent and transparent communication of bottled water quality composition and testing.

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Water analysis : spring and mineral waters

Our spring and natural mineral waters fulfil another key commitment: to bring consumers water with unique original properties.

This is achieved through the careful selection of underground sources, which have been preserved for decades or even centuries, to ensure we consistently benefit from their natural and balanced mineral composition and unique taste characteristics.

These rare sources provide naturally filtered water that undergoes no chemical treatments, with no disinfectants or preservatives added to it (More precisions about water care).


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