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Testing water quality

water quality test

Our Nestlé Waters Quality Assurance Centre is testing over 600 chemical and microbiological parameters to monitor water quality.

Depending on the origin of each spring or well, a yearly plan of sampling is established.

The plan requires every factory to send samples for testing, either on a quarterly or annual basis to the Nestlé Waters Quality Assurance Centre (NWQAC), located at the Vittel factory compound in France, and/or its two affiliated regional laboratories in Los Angeles, California; and San Giorgio in Bosco, Italy.

Over 600 chemical and microbiological parameters (including heavy metals and pesticides) are tested during this analysis.

Water quality tests: our laboratories

nestle quality assurance center 

The NWQAC is a centre of water competency : it is the first French laboratory accredited by COFRAC (a French accreditation organisation) for chemical and microbiological analysis in the water sector.

It is also the only accredited laboratory for virus analysis in the water sector. The NWQAC includes a molecular biology laboratory that conducts analysis to identify micro-organisms through the recognition of nucleic acid fragments (DNA or RNA).

The NWQAC’s chemistry laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art measuring devices, able to detect compounds at the picogram level (one trillionth of a gram).

how to test water quality 

These tests are an important input for our Early Warning System to prevent and anticipate potential risks.

In 2010, this included testing for approximately 40 pharmaceutically active components, such as antibiotics, anticonvulsants and sex hormones. All of our products tested negative.