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Our quality processes

Three ultimate objectives are constantly guiding and inspiring our company’s quality policy and practices:

nestle safety policy


Bottled water quality : excel in compliance

This is our very foundation and is essential in order to be fully trusted by all of our stakeholders. It includes not only complying with established internal values, policies, standards, guidelines, specifications and practices, but also being in full conformity with relevant international or local laws, regulation and standards.


Deliver high quality water

This ensures we have the best offer on the shelf. We will continue to identify improvement opportunities in everything we do, so we can guarantee the availability of high quality bottled water and services at a competitive price.


Delight our consumers

This approach is at the heart of everything we do at Nestlé Waters.

Our goals to constantly strive to understand their needs, and what our consumers really value.

We can then make products that satisfy their expectations. It is essential that we serve our consumers and customers in the best possible way, and achieve ultimate consumer satisfaction.

These objectives are encapsulated in Nestlé Continuous Excellence (NCE), a group-wide initiative providing a set of common practices. It aims to further develop operational efficiency and leverage new behaviour, thinking and skills within the entire organisation, in order to create value for consumers and customers as well as other stakeholders.

Achieving these goals goes beyond guaranteeing safe and healthy products. It starts with sound and inalienable business principles, which act as a core determinant of our Group’s culture and way of conducting business.