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Our beliefs

Water brings the world to life. It has the power to transform us. Our health, our communities, our planet. Because water is among the most critical challenges of our time, doing the right thing means doing more. Doing more to inspire people to drink better to lead healthier lives. Doing more to help develop thriving, resilient communities. Doing more to steward resources for future generations, with a focus on water, plastic and environment.

Drinking better to lead healthier lives

Food and beverages play a fundamental role in our lives, but they also present society with some of its biggest challenges. Over the past 10 years, converging scientific evidence has highlighted that overconsumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is a factor in the prevalence of obesity and its related diseases.

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Our beliefs for healthy hydration

  • Water is essential for life. We believe that what you drink is as important to your health as what you eat and how often you exercise.
  • Water, which contains zero calories and zero sugar, is a healthy replacement for sugar-sweetened beverages.
  • Water - whether bottled or from the tap - should be the first choice when it comes to daily hydration.
  • We need to do more to persuade people to choose water for daily hydration.
  • Our role is to inform consumers and help them adopt healthy drinking habits.
  • Adopting good hydration habits starts early: that is why educating children to drink water on a daily basis is one of our key priorities.

Thriving and resilient communities

We are intrinsically linked to the local communities in which we live and work – and with whom we share water resources. Nestlé Waters operates around 91 factories in 30 countries, most of which are located in rural or semirural areas. These local communities may face sustainability and development challenges that impact their local livelihoods and wellbeing.


Our beliefs for thriving and resilient communities

  • When it comes to creating shared value, we believe that the communities located close to our factories come first.
  • We acknowledge our direct social and economic responsibility towards helping our local communities thrive and become resilient. This is particularly true when we operate in remote or rural areas, where Nestlé Waters can be a major contributor to local socio-economic development.
  • We fundamentally believe that access to safe drinking water is a basic human right. It is also a prerequisite for our local communities to thrive over the long term.
  • We believe open dialogue will help drive the collaboration necessary to create sustainable social and economic value in our communities.

Water: stewarding resources for future generations

Water is essential for life. It is at the very core of sustainable development, but the world today is facing a water management crisis. Global demand is exceeding the planet’s supply and water shortages are already threatening the livelihood of approximately two billion people and many ecosystems around the world.

caring for water

Our beliefs on caring about water

  • Water security is a global challenge that requires local solutions.
  • Water is a shared and precious resource that must be managed sustainably, through collective actions.
  • The guiding principles of water stewardship (transparency, engagement and improvement) are critical drivers to efficiently manage water resources for future generations.
  • We have a wealth of water knowledge and expertise, giving us the impetus to act as a catalyst to promote water stewardship practices where we operate.
  • Water is essential for our business, making us, as an industry, entirely dependent upon a secure supply of water – in both quantity and quality.

Plastic: stewarding resources for future generations

Plastic material is mainly petroleum-sourced, and its production today is expected to double by 2025. Although polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is 100 per cent recyclable, today more than half of PET bottles worldwide are still not collected nor recycled.


Our beliefs for a sustainable plastic bottle model

  • PET is the preferred packaging material in the beverage industry because it combines optimal protection of product qualities with lightness, resistance and transparency.
  • As PET is a 100% recyclable material that can be widely reused in multiple applications, including bottle-to-bottle, it is a high value plastic that has the potential, if properly managed, to achieve a circular economy model.
  • Only solutions that are embraced by the whole plastic value chain can make a real difference in boosting PET recycling rates and the availability of high quality r-PET.
  • Consumers also have an important role to play in helping recycling efforts through disposing of waste plastic properly.