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Lazaro Rivademar

Lazaro Rivademar  

Senior Vice-President

Asia, Oceania & Africa (since 2010)

Nationality : Spanish

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Credits > Nestlé Waters Augustin Detienne 2016

Career :

2010 Senior Vice President Regional Manager Zone AOA (Dubai)

2006 Country Business Manager Nestlé Waters Iberian Region (Barcelona)

2005 Vice Presidet Nestle Aquarel & Zone Europe Local Brands (Nestlé Waters Headquarter Paris)

2003 Nestlé Waters, Vice President Nestle Brands Director (Nestlé Waters Headquarter Paris)

2000 Nestle Aquarel Director (Nestlé Waters Headquarter Paris)

1997 Country Business Manager, Nestlé Waters Benelux

1993 Country Business Manager, Nesté Waters Spain

1990 Managing Director, Nestlé Waters Spain

1987 Commercial & Marketing Director

1986 Sales Manager, Nestlé Waters Spain

1984 Purchase Department, Nestlé Waters Spain

1980 Administration Tasks, Nestlé Waters Spain