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David Findlay

David Findlay  

Senior Vice-President

Technical, Water Resources & Environment (since April 2014)

Nationality : British

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Career :

2010 President and Chief Executive Officer - Nestlé Canada

2011 Technical Director - Nestle Philippines

2008 Technical Director - Nestle Middle East

2005 Vevey, Vice President - Head of Global Operations Performance

2003 Head of Industrial Performance, Nestle UK

2000 Technical Manager (Milks - Ashbourne, Dalston, Dumfries, Omagh), Nestle UK

1996 Factory Manager, Staverton Factory

1995 Operations Manager, Staverton Factory

1991 Engineering Manager, Milnthorpe Factory (Aseptic RTD Juice Drinks, Culinary)

1989 Production Manager, Peterhead Factory (Culinary)

1986 Shift Engineer, Peterhead Factory (Culinary)

1984 Project Enginner, Peterhead Factory (Culinary)