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Environmental Performance


Our objective : to provide the best PET bottled water as possible. For this reason, Nestlé Waters leveraged best practices to improve packaging, distribution and manufacturing impacts.

Packaging has been the primary contributor to the optimization of our environmental performance from 2005-2010. When considering GHG emissions per litre, packaging accounts for 85% of the overall 20% reduction.


Our actions to provide the best bottled water

This is primarily due to Nestlé Waters’ efforts to reduce the weight of packaging materials.

Indirect factors have also played an important role, especially the technical optimization of producing PET resin and, to a lesser extent, increasing packaging collection rates.

Improvements in energy efficiency at the manufacturing level have also been quite significant for the company’s environmental achievements, whereas optimizations in the distribution phase have played a rather marginal role over the reporting period.

Nestlé Waters is committed to continuous improvement in its environmental performance. At the same time, our business is dynamic, and making long-term commitments is not realistic.

For this reason, instead of five year goals, we set yearly objectives. We believe this is the most-efficient way to commit to our goals and continue to improve over time, across our entire organization.

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