Disaster Relief

When a natural disaster happens, water sources and distribution systems are often polluted or damaged. From Haiti to Chile or Pakistan, Nestlé Waters provides safe drinking water in cases of sanitation emergencies.

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Providing access to safe drinking water to those affected becomes a health priority that must continue until infrastructure is restored.

The amount of donations per year depends on the situation and needs. Donations are typically in partnership with local governments or national NGOs, such as Project Water, a local volunteer organization in Canada, or the American Red Cross.

Case Studies

Bottle donation (Nestlé Waters Canada)

Nestlé Waters Canada recently donated $58,743 worth of bottled water to Project Water, an organization that distributes bottled water to those living on Greater Toronto Area streets suffering from dehydration during the summer.

Project Water will distribute bottled water to more than 150 social service agencies that work with the homeless and needy across the GTA over the next few months.

Nestlé will deliver 313,992 bottles of water to Engage and Change’s 2014 Project Water initiative. Since 2006, the Company has donated more than 1.8 million bottles of water, valued at $313,745.

“Dehydration continues to be a serious health crisis in our community during the summer months, particularly among the homeless,” said Jody Steinhauer, Founder of Engage and Change and Project Water. “The partnership of Project Water, Engage and Change and Nestlé Waters Canada is bringing us one step closer to resolving this challenge in the long term while saving lives in the short term.”

Debbie Moore, president of Nestlé Waters Canada, said, “Bottled water is the best antidote to dehydration for all human beings when they are away from home and it plays a key role in the continuing health and wellness of those who do not have access to potable water because they are homeless.” Established in 2000, Project Water evolved in response to the dehydration health crisis that the homeless who live in the Greater Toronto Area face during the summer months.

 Link: engage and change

Haiti earthquake relief


On January 12, 2010, the Caribbean island of Haiti was struck by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Its epicenter was only 15 miles from the island’s capital of Port-au-Prince, causing severe destruction of government buildings, infrastructure and residential areas.

Immediately after the earthquake hit, Nestlé Waters North America pledged US $1 million in bottled water products, and shipments from nearby Caribbean locations started within one week of the quake.

Working with the humanitarian response organization AmeriCares, 22 truckloads of NESTLE PURELIFE, POLAND SPRING and ZEPHYRILLS were initially donated.

Due to the extent of damaged infrastructure on the island, our logistics and supply chain teams worked hard to coordinate with local partner organizations to ensure bottled water delivery to areas and people who were most in need.

Overall, 3 million bottles of water were donated.

Support for victims continued well after the initial quake, and included liquid meal supplements, milk and food aid from Nestlé Dominica.

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