Encouraging PET Collection

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PET Bottled Water: Improving Collection

We lead action programs all over the world to encourage bottle collection.

Globally, there is no uniform packaging collection system. The collection of PET bottles and packaging materials remains a collective challenge for the beverage industry, involving all stakeholders along the recycling chain: packaging producers, bottlers, consumers and public authorities that organize collection systems for household waste.

PET Bottle Collection

Improving PET bottles collection

One of our core aims is to continuously raise consumer awareness on the importance of PET bottle collection.

We utilize all of our direct communication channels, such as the label, advertisements, internet and sponsored events, to disseminate educational messages.

Nestlé Waters also supports and funds public and professional association campaigns that aim to encourage bottle collection.

Nestlé Waters is also continuously working to improve collection capacity, through our own initiatives or in collaboration with professional associations.

Coordinated efforts with public authorities are necessary to improve the current collection scheme or initiate a new program.

PET Bottle Recycling Programs

At the prompting of our Nestlé Waters subsidiaries, multiple PET bottle collection initiatives have arisen during the past few years, including:
 funding new collection containers
 influencing public authorities via professional associations
 placing PET bottle collection bins in public spaces
 providing social protection to people that collect recyclable materials for subsistence in emerging and developing countries

Case studies :

Bottle plastic recovery (Nestlé Waters France & Lebanon)

Nestlé Waters has sponsored the implementation of PET collecting containers in supermarkets to encourage recycling habits.

I am doing it (Nestlé Waters Thailand)

Awareness-raising about PET bottle recycling in Thailand. Nestlé Waters in Thailand has continued its efforts to promote PET recycling and increase recycling rates in Thailand. The company recently rolled out the fourth edition of the ‘I am Doing it Campaign,’ an initiative organized in the Nestlé office, public areas and schools in Bangkok since 2011. ‘I am Doing It’ aims to motivate children, employees and the general public to recycle bottles and other PET packaging. In 2013, 78 schools participated in the collection of empty water bottles to support the donation of sweaters made from recycled PET to children in the Phayao province. More than 90% of the children understood the importance of recycling and around 1000 sweaters were distributed. The 2014 campaign reached another nine schools in the Chiangmai province and Nestlé Waters provided the schools with 950 sweaters, sports equipment and teaching aids on water. ​​

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