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Nestlé Waters in Society: Creating Shared Value


Creating Shared Value is the way Nestlé does business.

Creating Shared Value is about Nestlé creating value for both our shareholders and society over the long term. Our Creating Shared Value approach is built on a strong compliance culture and on our commitment to environmental sustainability. But Creating Shared Value is more than this, it about identifying the environmental and social challenges where our business and society intersect, as it is these challenges that we can most substantively help to address. At Nestlé, we have identified three challenges that have the biggest potential for joint value creation: Nutrition, Water and Rural Development.

As one of Nestlé’s Globally Managed Business (GMB), Nestlé Waters fully embraces the Group’s Creating Shared Value approach. We focus our efforts on three key areas where we can best create value for our business and society:

Water for health: What you drink is as important as what you eat and how often you move. As part of a healthy lifestyle, people should be drinking more plain water, as it does not contain any calories. Our efforts to raise awareness about proper hydration and our range of good-tasting, convenient and calorie-free bottled waters help people do just that.

Water stewardship: We are committed to the responsible management of water resources. At Nestlé Waters, responsible water management does not stop at being best-in-class within the walls of our factories, but extends to collective actions with other water stakeholders to ensure the long-term sustainability of shared watersheds.

Recycling more: Empty PET bottles are not a waste but a resource that can be reused in numerous new items if recycled. Nestlé Waters is committed to raising awareness about the benefits of recycling for the environment, the economy and employment, with the ultimate goal of improving our different stakeholders’ recycling behaviour.