Our brands

Henri Nestlé’s water bottling factory was the earliest incarnation of what would eventually become the world’s leading bottled water company. Nestlé took a step onto the world stage with giants such as Perrier and Nestlé Pure Life. This is commercialized since 1998. Today this impressive portfolio encompasses 50 brands on five continents.

S.Pellegrino Nestlé Pure Life: a bottled water brand Perrier logo brand nestlé
Vittel: a mineral water brand Poland Spring Contrex: a mineral water brand
Arrowhead Acqua Panna São Lourenço

Nestlé Waters’ brands in few words

And so our story brings us to the present. Today, Nestlé Waters is proud to have a list of internationally renowned brands such as the sparkling celebrities, S.Pellegrino and Perrier. Nestlé Waters Brands are present in most distribution channels, including traditional retail, modern trade, out-of-home, restaurants, and offices, and consequently offer a wide range of packaging options.

Individually, each brand is a much-loved and respected presence in its region or country, like Erikli in Turkey; Poland Spring in the United States or Buxton in the UK and São Lourenço in Brazil. Collectively, local brands constitute the vast majority of our brands. Generating pride and loyalty among consumers, the reputations of these local brands stretch beyond the immediate locality of the source where they originate, without ever losing their strong sense of identity.

Our local brands share many features. First, they have all been selected, over time, to join the Nestlé Waters family because of their great taste, quality and sustainability. Also, many bottles are made from PET. Finally, all brands valued partners in Nestlé Waters’ strategy to be the world’s leading healthy hydration company, offering safe, tasty, reliable bottled water to consumers the world over.

Nestlé waters’ brands and their consumers

Finally, sparkling or still, global or local, festive or family-friendly, the common feature of each and every one of our brands is its ability to provide healthy hydration and build and maintain consumer trust and loyalty.