Lively & Thirst quenching

Lively and Thirst quenching
These waters have lively and long-lived bubbles, which feel creamy on the palate. They have a lot of presence on the palate and a slightly salty taste. This salinity is well balanced with acidity to give an overall refreshing, thirst quenching feel. These waters can be consumed perfectly during meals or on their own.
S. Pellegrino  

Lively & Thirst quenching

S. Pellegrino

As a symbol of Italian panache and chic, S.Pellegrino’s lively and harmonious taste is the source of its huge appeal. Its fresh, lively bubbles fizz jauntily on the palate and S.Pellegrino is characterised by its subtle mineral content. The slightly salty taste is pleasantly thirst-quenching and has a long, agreeably fresh finish.

Master Tseng's tasting notes :
“The nose is fundamentally chalky with a citrus almost fruity flavour, not to mention a hint of almond milk. Its lively texture is very rich in variety. The distinctive taste of S.Pellegrino is its sharp lemony attack reminiscent of lemon juice, giving it an acidic bite”.

Light and Pure

Rich and Revitalizing

Bold and Distinctive

Soft and Elegant

Vivacious and Energizing