Discover our 6 water families

The tasting process enabled us to depict each of the 140 waters in diagram form and to group together waters whose profiles were similar. The outcome of this exercise was a “waters map” which clearly shows six broad clusters, or families of taste: three for still waters and three for sparkling. The names we have given them give a clear and evocative indication of each family’s overall nature: “bold and distinctive”, “rich and revitalising”, “soft and elegant”, etc.

Not only is our “waters map” a pioneering tool for classifying waters according to taste, it also opens up new options for enjoying water, and will help consumers to find their bearings in the immensely diverse world of flavours and to experience a variety of different tastes.

Consumers will soon be able to find information on taste at points of sale, to help them make their choices.

Light and Pure Rich and Revitalizing Bold and Distinctive
Soft and Elegant Lively and Thirst quenching Vivacious and Energizing