Recycling process & equivalents

Despite what some may think, an empty plastic can be a real raw material. In fact, Nestlé Waters’ 100% PETplastic bottles are 100% recyclable, from cap to base!

Recycling PET is our primary contribution to reducing our product footprint, thanks to reduced packaging weight and increasing collection rates. Nestlé Waters aims to foster and promote the importance of PET collection through communication campaigns and subsidies.

Did you know?

The industrial process of PET treatment and recycling is constantly being improved. Today, properly collected PET bottles can be used to produce new bottles, as well as clothing (T-shirts, sweaters, caps, jackets...), blankets, pens, accessories, watches, thermoses... etc.

For example, did you know that with 15 plastic bottles, it’s possible to make a sweater? YES!

Plastic bottles can be raw material to create clothing. But that’s not all: 48 plastic bottles are needed to make a blanket, but just seven bottles can become a T-shirt; with one plastic bottle it is possible to make two pens, or even a watch.