PET bottled recycling: how and why?

While the bottled water industry is a marginal user of some packaging types (paper, glass, Wood, cardboard), it is a significant user of PET. PET resin is from the polyester family. While Two - thirds of the global polyester market is used for textile application, PET resin for bottled water packaging accounts for 9% of the global market(2010).

PET is a 100% recyclable material that replaced PVC in the 1990’s. PET is a lighter component than PVC: the weight of plastic water bottles was reduced by 1/3 by using PET.

PET or rPET, is recycled into new products or materials, such as clothing, carpet, industrial products and, of course, new plastic bottles. Plastic bottles go through the recycling process to then be reused for new products. PET is first cut into little pieces and then it is cleaned. It is transformed into little balls that are later used to manufacture new products.

Nestlé Waters is constantly improving the weight of their water bottles, which have been lighter than 14.5g since 1990/ Remember to recycle. PET is a resource!