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Why do we need to pay for water?

As with any other packaged beverage, the price of bottled water reflects the investment necessary to ensure its convenience, taste, safety and quality including bottling, packaging, quality control, marketing, transport and distribution costs.

In addition, for bottled water we have to enhance payment for permits, licences, taxes and dedicated investment to ensure the sustainability of our source.

Why do we need to pay for water 

Bottled water provides a service to consumers who choose to buy a convenient and portable product. Consumers choose our brands for their taste and quality. Every product requires stringent quality controls and mineral waters provide recognised health benefits.

The price of bottled water, as with all packaged beverages, reflects the investment necessary to ensure its convenience, safety and quality.

Nestlé Waters often goes further for its brand Nestlé Pure Life process with monitoring, and compliance to produce water of high quality in several different locations, never too far from the consumer, in order to keep transportation distances to a minimum.

Did you know?

Natural mineral waters were first sold in pharmacies in the 17th century as medicinal waters!
Bottling and sales first began in Europe in the mid-16th century, with natural mineral water sourced from Belgium, France, Italy and Germany.