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Mineral Water Taste - Our Bottled Water's Unique Taste

Bottled water is unique with its own history, geological journey, texture, character and taste which has remained unchanged through the ages. The taste of bottled water depends on the type of water (mineral, spring or drinking water) and individual’s perception of taste.

The journey of water: Mineral waters are unique, their taste, density and the fizz of the bubbles in the case of a sparkling water, bear the hallmark of the terroir from which they originate. The water changes from one area to another. After having begun its journey on the surface in the catchment area, water continues on its journey, feeding the groundwater, where mineral water will be collected.

what does water taste like 

This called the aquifer, where underground water is stored, either flowing freely or con ned. The geological pro le of soil impacts on the duration of water transit underground and the circumstances of this water journey (it usually takes many years). Water carries minerals and trace elements in specific quantities depending on the subsoil and rocks it encounters. It can therefore have a low, medium or high mineral content.

Did you know?

The book “Realms of water” is an invitation for a journey to the sources of natural mineral water from Nestlé Waters. It uncovers the origin and production secrets of our 15 mineral water brands.