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How We Manage Water Resources

Nestlé Waters is a responsible water user. We champion the water stewardship approach by continuously improving water use efficiency in our operations, and collaborating with other water stakeholders (water users, authorities, communities) for the long-term sustainability of the watersheds in which we operate.

Nestlé Waters has developed real expertise in the responsible management of water resources and has a team of dedicated hydrogeologists and water resource champions committed to this purpose. Each factory (Nestlé Waters has 93 factories) has a water resource champion in charge of monitoring the water resource and ensuring that any preventive actions to protect the source are put in place.



The company undertakes thorough environmental reviews and rigorous monitoring on a continuous basis of the water resources we operate, which allows Nestlé Waters to act quickly to mitigate any impact on the water source. This is coupled with the continuous optimization of water used during production.

We operate under a water use license, or similar agreement, provided and approved by the relevant, competent public authority. We strictly operate under the conditions defined by these licenses, laws and regulations that are regularly updated, applied to the sites where we own the land and also defined pricing. We fully support balanced water resource protection regulations as well as adequate pricing for all water users to ensure the sustainable governance of watersheds in the long term.