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What is the current situation in Vittel?

Holding Q&A – GTI groundwater table

Vittel sustainability 

Protecting Vittel groundwater: where are we now?

On October 2 2019, the French State announced the study of another approach than the one initially considered, the “substitution” solution. This alternative solution aims at solving the water resource issue by rationalizing existing withdrawals on a multi-groundwater approach.

Where does Nestlé Waters stand on this new approach?

Nestlé Waters fully supports the Vosges’ prefecture initiatives, alongside the other local actors. Since this issue emerged, our first priority has always been to find a lasting solution to preserve the water resource on GTI and ensure the future of the territory. It should be reminded that the “substitution” solution has never been “THE” Nestlé’s solution but a solution voted by the Local Water Commission, in which Nestlé Waters is one of the 46 members. This alternative solution now makes it possible to consider a return to the balance of the GTI groundwater by 2027.

What will be Nestlé Waters’ role in this new framework?

As it was already the case, Nestlé Waters will continue be a driving force alongside the other local players. We strongly believe in the necessity of a concerted and collective approach and will actively contributed to it. As a reminder, Nestlé Waters has been taking this issue very seriously since it first emerged and has extensively contributed to the collective efforts to reduce the withdrawals on this groundwater table by reducing its share by 30% since 2010. Nestlé Waters has committed to achieving additional 5% reduction by 2020.

What are the next steps?

The information provided by the Vosges’ Prefecture calls for a concerted and collective approach in which all local stakeholders are involved to contribute to the efforts to reduce the withdrawals. Therefore, Nestlé Waters will now analyze the industrial, technical and commercial implications of this new approach and will wait for the next steps initiated by the Authorities to contribute to this alternative solution.