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Is bottled water business beneficial for local communities?

We create value in the communities in which we operate by ensuring long-term development activities. Nestlé Waters engages with all our local communities with the perspective to ensure the long-term water sustainability at catchment level.

We create social, economic and environmental value for the communities where we operate.

The bottled water industry contributes significantly to this type of value creation through direct and indirect job creation, salaries and taxes, often in isolated rural areas where the bottled water industry is very often the primary economic contributor to local communities. Bottling activities are difficult to delocalise, given the specificity of the water resources it uses.

bottled water business

In addition, at our operating sites, Nestlé Waters is committed to protecting biodiversity and collaborating with external water stakeholders (water users, authorities, communities) on the long-term sustainability of the watersheds in which we operate.

In 2012, we introduced a community relations guidebook for factories, which provides a framework and tools for factories to engage in constructive dialogue with the local community, to understand specific concerns and address expectations.

Did you know?

Nestlé Waters launched a Community Relations Programme (CRP) four years ago, which has since been implemented at around 30 priority sites around the world. Creating Shared Value is at the heart of this process, with a focus on driving the socio-economic well-being of the communities where we operate, as well as our long-term social licence to operate in those communities.

The self-service tool will guide factory managers in deploying the process and will help ensure alignment with the overall process. The CRP is made up of a number of steps: all of Nestlé Waters’ sites will have started the implementation of this revised process by the end of 2016.