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What is Nestlé Waters doing to avoid plastic pollution?

Nestlé Waters contributes to Nestlé’s plastic strategy and embraces Nestlé’s vision that none of our packaging should end up in landfill or as litter.

Tackling plastic pollution, especially in our oceans, is an urgent priority for us. We take this responsibility seriously. We support all efforts to raise awareness and find solutions to the plastic waste problem.

We have been working with governments, NGOs, suppliers, waste managers, retailers as well as other companies to take meaningful actions.

At Nestlé Waters, 20% of the water we sell globally is already packaged in returnable and refillable containers. And in early 2020, we will launch new water dispensers using state-of-the-art technology, allowing consumers to fill their own reusable bottles.

We are working towards a circular economy and are committed to recover as many bottles as we produce.

plastic waste recycling

Our PET plastic bottles are already fully recyclable. PET is a high value plastic that has the potential to achieve a circular economy model.

Nestlé Waters has taken action in multiple areas to work towards achieving a circular economy for plastic bottles. In a circular economy, bottles that are produced are ultimately recycled into new bottles, hence reducing the number of bottles that find their way into the oceans and other natural environments.

By 2030, we want to collect as many plastic bottles as we produce. Part of the way towards this goal is working with governments to increase recycling rates; in the E.U., we are working to achieve 90% collection for recycling of bottles and caps by 2025, and in the US, we are funding projects that help improve the country’s recycling infrastructure and help increase recycling capabilities throughout the U.S. To help close the loop, we have also committed to using 35% recycled PET in our bottles by 2025. In the U.S., we have committed to using 50%. Some of our brands are already at 100% recycled PET.

We also recently joined the consortium founded by Carbios and L’Oréal to support the world first enzymatic technology for the recycling of plastics.

waste plastic bottle 

To go further, we will also help to clean up existing plastic waste and continue to engage our consumers to promote recycling and other sustainable behavior. For example, Nestlé Waters North America partners with organisations such as ‘Closed Loop Fund’ and ‘Keep America Beautiful’ to support collection, raise awareness on recycling behaviour and develop waste clean-up projects across the United States. We will also push boundaries by developing alternative solutions beyond plastic & bottle to deliver water to consumers.

Did you know?

We are continually testing and developing viable alternatives, such as biodegradable bottles via Nestlé’s partnership with Danimer and bio-based materials through the NaturAll Bottle Alliance.