Water resources : technical protection


Maintaining the highest standards presupposes the implementation of protective measures against accidental or voluntary actions of water resources.

At Nestlé Waters we have a complete set of technical specifications covering how drillings, pumping or storage operations shall be manoeuvred to comply with strict hygiene conditions :

  1. Disinfection processes for all the equipment that are directly in contact with water to avoid any contamination.
  2. Requirements to set standards for materials, such as the mandatory use of stainless steel or high density polyethylene for pipes, and 304L or 316L stainless steel for wellheads or equipment within the well.
  3. Overall design optimisation of the catchment system to minimise impacts to retention zones and identify the time needed during maintenance in order to lower risk of microbiological contamination.

Our stringent specifications have been recognised by French regulation authorities who have asked Nestlé Waters to prepare updated technical guidelines for mineral water operational systems.

Protecting our water : from source to bottle


We adhere to measures that are adapted to the specific hydrogeological context of each source.

These measures aim to prevent external disturbance within the immediate area surrounding the catchment and to ensure that no contamination occurs during transport to the bottling plant.

This includes locks and motion sensors covering all potential access points. Motion sensor activity is directly connected to our security guards and production offices.

If there is a security breach, we are able to initiate measures to stop pumps or divert flows as necessary.

At some of our sources, the bottling production area is very near to the source, whereas in others a greater distance from source to the bottling area allows more reaction time and different security measures.

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