How to save water in our industrial processes


To reduce water consumption, Nestlé Waters introduced water saving methods throughout the production cycle of bottled water.

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Saving Water in LaVie, Vietnam :

Our method: Installation of a frequency inverter, enabling the plant’s technicians to vary the flow from the wells according to production needs. This requires an intensive validation process to ensure that the change in flow has no impact on quality.

Our results :

Our Water savings: 150,000 m3/year

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Saving Water in Agbara, Nigeria

Our method:

Making use of the close proximity of a Nestlé food factory, the factory installed a connection between the two entities. Now, all surplus water is re-used by Nestlé, leading to a reduction of water used for bottled water production.

Our results :

Water savings: 100,000 m3/year

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Saving water in San Pellegrino, Italy

Our Method:

Reuse the water used for final rinsing of the bottles. After treatment, the water is reused for the washing of glass bottles and for the pasteurization stage of soft drinks.

Our results :

Water savings: 119,000 m3/year

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Saving Water in Guelph, Canada

Our Method:

Even in an already well performing factory, improvement was possible due to:

  1. optimized programming of pumps and use of frequency inverters;
  2. optimized capacity for water tanks and water tank vessels.

Our results

Water savings: 62,000 m3/year

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