5 questions to our hydrologist


Assaad Saadeh is one of the dozen hydrogeologists within Nestlé Waters who are in charge of our most precious asset – water resources. With a sound academic background, Assaad has worked for Nestlé Waters for five years. He is currently responsible for water resources management for Asia, Oceania and Africa (AOA).


What is a hydrogeologist?

Hydrogeologist is a scientist who is trained to understand water presence and movement beneath the ground. One of my advanced degrees is in engineering geology and hydrogeology. I am a member of the International Association of Hydrogeologists and am a certified expert in hydrogeology for the court system.

What does your daily job entail?

My job mainly consists of ensuring sustainable water resources for our operational business units in the AOA zone. My daily routine entails keeping in close contact with the various markets in AOA to assess their needs in terms of water resources. Following this continuous assessment, I assist the markets as needed to find and verify the capacity of additional resources to sustain their growth.

How to ensure Nestlé Waters high quality level standards ?

I am evaluating at an early stage, the feasibility of new projects that are green field sites or potential acquisitions from the water resources point of view. I also ensure that the markets are properly monitoring their water resources every day and that they are being used in a responsible way. Finally, I am in constant contact and coordination with Nestlé Waters’ head office regarding any new updates of standards to ensure that the markets are utilising their water resources in full conformity with Nestlé Waters’ standards.

What sort of tools do you use for your job?

Since the various markets in the AOA zone are widely spread, I often rely on satellite images. Geological maps are continuously used to check the geological/ hydrogeological situation of the sites. Sometimes I use geographic information system (GIS) software to analyse spatial data, as well as other specialised software for groundwater modelling or for pumping test analysis.

How does your job help fulfil Nestlé Waters’ core principles?

My job helps to ensure that our natural water resources are used in the most sustainable and efficient manner by closely monitoring our resources, and by developing new tools for water resources monitoring. Water resource management in the AOA zone can be quite a challenging task as it is an area of significant growth, while at the same time suffering in many places from water stress and water scarcity.

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