Identifying a new source of water


New water resource sites are intensively investigated and monitored prior to becoming a Nestlé Waters source.

To provide the best bottled water all over the world, we are only investing in sites that meet our high level standards of quantity, quality, sustainability, and of course, taste.


Quality of the source

We realized Water Resource Study in collaboration with independent experts. In addition to investigating quality and quantity of the source, the study includes a detailed range of site information including :

  • topography,
  • potential pollution sources,
  • geology,
  • hydrology,
  • modelling data.

If the Water Resource Study indicates a potential site, we perform an exploratory drilling and geophysical investigations.

Partnership with public authorities

If the first step is successful, we submit our projects to public authorities.

Then they deliver us an official license to operate, defining the quantitative limitation for withdrawals and other controlling conditions.

The administrative certification of a new source for bottling can take as long as three years. Building the actual factory may take one year.

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