What do you do to reduce the impact of transporting bottled water?

Nestlé Waters is committed to optimising on a continuous basis the performance of our production and distribution wherever possible. In 2010, 95% of our production was sold in its country of origin. Only 5 of our 67 brands are exported, the majority of which is distributed to neighbouring countries.

The Company strives to optimise the modes of transport used: for example, in Italy, where 40% of our products travel by rail, we make the most of the country’s north-south railway network by using an intermodal transport system in which products are loaded onto trucks to go to the nearest train station before then being loaded onto containers to be distributed in the south of Italy by train.

We also carefully follow the development of any new technologies; e.g. our Home and Office businesses in North America and Poland have initiated pilot projects to replace their regular truck fleet with hybrid (gasoline and electric engines).  Nestlé Waters North America, for example, worked with the Maryland Hybrid Truck Initiative in early 2011 to extend its hybrid truck fleet by 25 additional trucks.