Safe drinking and water access

Safe drinking water access

Water access and safe drinking water is a major health challenge worldwide, especially in developing countries.

As a world leader, Nestlé Waters supports development programs related to water and heath.

Water access: a healthy challenge

Water access

Nestlé Waters recognise the right of all people to have access to clean water to meet their daily hydration needs.

Providing access to safe drinking water is first the responsibility of the public authorities. In the absence of good governance and/or public funding capacity, development programmes may intervene, often led by United Nations-affiliated organisations.

Safe water: bottled water role


We all know that bottled water is obviously not a global solution to face this critical challenge, nor does it provide an affordable solution to those living below the poverty line.

However, bottled water can offer a safe hydration option to an increasing range of consumers.

Since 1998, we have developed the NESTLÉ PURE LIFE business model aimed at making high quality drinking water affordable to a wider audience, especially to the rising middle-class in the emerging world.

Besides, bottled water can be safety hydration solution during emergencies situations (earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.).

Quick Facts :

Providing safe drinking water for disaster relief

During the earthquake crisis in Haiti, Nestlé Waters North America gave 2.59 million bottles of its bottled water.

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