Global environmental footprint


Nestlé Waters has one of the most complete environmental performance assessment tools for the specific requirements of the bottled water industry.

Water cycle : measuring Global Environmental Footprint

The Global Environmental Footprint (GEF) tool was developed in 2008 to carry out Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with a multi-environmental criteria approach,

The GEF tool was designed for Nestlé Waters by RDC-Environment for the purpose of measuring and managing our environmental achievements.

Both the tool and the methodology associated with it underwent a critical review by a panel of international LCA experts. Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well as water and energy consumption are calculated using methods that meet the recommendations of the GHG Protocol :

  • ISO 14064-1 (GHG accounting and verification)
  • ISO 14040-44 (LCA) quality standards.

Note : GHG emissions are calculated in grams of CO2 equivalent (eq).

Bottled water : GEF tool

The GEF is a precise environmental management tool that can be applied to all levels and all segments of a product, a brand, a plant, a company or an entire country.

Products can be analyzed and compared by looking at every life-cycle step as it exists or with various evolutions.

Action levers can then be identified and prioritized, making the GEF an efficient eco- design tool.

When developing new products or building new factories, the GEF allows integration of a range of environmental performance variables and scenarios, ensuring the environment is considered at the very early stages of project development.

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