Our ultimate goal: to be recognised as best-in-class in sustainability within the beverage and water bottle industry.

At Nestlé Waters, we place a great deal of importance on environmental responsibility, establishing the continuous optimisation of our environmental performance as a corporate priority.

We monitor environmental impacts at every stage of the bottled water life-cycle.

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The environment is a complex issue, involving many overlapping global challenges:

  • access to water in sufficient quantity and quality
  • climate change
  • depletion of non-renewable resources
  • biodiversity
  • waste management

We believe that clarity, transparency, honesty, and delivering on our commitments is critical. This includes not setting environmental goals that are unattainable or too far in the future to allow for regular assessment.

We are firmly committed to avoiding any methodological shortcuts or statements that would mislead external audiences. Instead, we prioritise environmental efficiency and clear communication and feel it is a competitive advantage that should not be compromised.

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