PET bottled water : Europe and USA collection rates


Improving recycling bottled water collect rates is a major issue for Nestlé Waters. Collection rates are progressively increasing in Europe and North America.

There are considerable discrepancies in terms of recycling rates from one country to another. This is largely due to the capacity for material collection and the dedication of governmentauthorities to addressing this issue.

The recycling rates within Europe, illustrating high discrepancies amongst countries :


From a global perspective, it is estimated that approximately one third of PET bottles are collected for recycling. As a direct result of the combined efforts of all stakeholders along the recycling chain, collection rates have significantly risen during the reporting period in the United States and in Europe, where three-quarters of our product is sold.


The figures are less reliable in other regions. But the same positive trend is evident in all regions.

Nestlé Waters recognises that much work is required to divert more and more PET bottles from landfills and incinerators to recycling centres.

The company is committed to intensifying its efforts to continuously improve PET bottle collection and recycling rates

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