Reducing packaging weight


Nestlé Waters has continuously reduced its total packaging weight over the 2005-2010. Facts and key figures.

In 2010, we used on average 41.7 grams of packaging materials per litre, which is 19% less than in 2005.

This accomplishment is largely due to our ongoing efforts to lighten the weight of the bottle.

Through renovation programmes at the PTC and in collaboration with packaging agencies, Nestlé Waters has engaged in developing new generations of bottles, caps, and labels.

Secondly, packaging solutions also offer a lighter weight without compromising quality criteria, like resistance during transport, solidity, permeability or softness.

For the 2005-2010 period, PET bottle weight reduction achievements for the three dominant bottle formats at Nestlé Waters, which together represented more than an half of our global production in 2010 :

When considering packaging weight reduction, another parameter to take into account is the evolution of our product mix.


The share of small individual bottles (0.5L and smaller) has rapidly grown to reach more than 40% of Nestlé Waters’ volume in 2010. The 0.5L bottles on average still require a fraction more PET than a 1.5L bottle (when equated to 1L).

Thus, the increasing share of small formats has had a negative, albeit limited impact on the environmental achievements of the company in the packaging phase.

On the other hand, the continuous reduction of glass material demand, notably non-refillable glass, has more than compensated for the increasing share of small formats. Today, glass bottles are limited to only 3% of the company’s total volume.

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