Eco-Shape, a new lighter PET bottle


To reduce the global environmental impact of PET bottles, Nestlé Waters created a new generation of packaging : the Eco-Shape PET bottle.


One of our greatest achievements in reducing the weight and impact of the bottle is the Eco-Shape 0.5L PET bottle, sold by Nestlé Waters North America.

The 0.5L is the dominant bottle format in North America. The company released its first Eco-Shape bottle in 2007 weighing 12.4g

Late 2009, the company was able to launch a new generation Eco-Shape bottle with the average weight reduced to 9.2g.

This is 25% lighter than its predecessor and 37% lighter than the pre-Eco-Shape bottle.

This innovation was not only shared with the regional brands and NESTLÉ PURE LIFE in the United States and Canadian markets, but also benefitted other country markets such as China.

Reducing the size of the label and weight of the cap (1.6g to 1.0g) further reduced the bottle’s environmental impact.

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