Energy efficiency in our bottled water plants


Over the period 2005-2010, our energy use per litre has decreased by 22%. GHG emission has been reduced about -15% between 2005 and 2012.


Nestlé Waters has introduced many initiatives to optimise the energy efficiency of its plants, Including :

  • increasing line productivity,
  • investing in more energy-efficient machines,
  • heat recovery,
  • sharing expertise among the engineering community,
  • introducing new bottle blowing technologies.

Cumulatively, these energy saving actions have created a decoupling effect as shown in this figure :


While our production has increased, our energy use per litre has decreased by 22%.

In addition, Nestlé Waters is seriously exploring the economic feasibility of renewable energy use to partially or fully support factory operations.

For instance, our operations in Italy, France and Switzerland are currently developing programmes in collaboration with rural communities to produce energy from bio-mass.

We are also exploring opportunities to develop other renewable energy sources such as wind or solar to supply our factory energy needs.