Bottled Water Manufacturing

Bottled Water Manufacturing

Bottled water manufacturing involves a relatively light manufacturing process.

The manufacturing of bottled water does not require any heavy transformation processes. Impacts considered in the manufacturing phase are primarily related to energy required for the entire production process at the factory level.

This includes :

  • The transformation of packaging materials into bottles,
  • Product bottling : pumping,storage, treatments (if any), filling,
  • Securing with secondary packaging and storage until finished products are shipped outside of the factory.

The manufacturing phase accounts for approximately one-fifth of the overall GHG emission and non-renewable energy footprint of our company.

In 2010, bottled water industry manufactured by Nestlé Waters generated 36g CO2eq per litre - a reduction of 15% compared to 2005 - and required 0.6MJ of energy per litre, a reduction of 16% vs. 2005.

Bottled water manufacturing facts

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