Water Stewardship

Water stewardship: protecting sources of water

Facilitate effective water management in the regions we source from

Nestlé Waters recognizes that the long term success of the company is built on effective water stewardship in the watersheds where our factories are located and where suppliers and consumers live. We believe that effective water stewardship will require that provisions are made firstly for water to meet the human right to water, then to ensure that ecosystems are able to function, and finally to ensure that water is used efficiently for agricultural and industrial use.
We believe that governments have to take the lead in establishing over-arching water policies within which we and other water users can operate. Nestlé Waters is willing to assist in this process, is committed to developing our business in a way that facilitates effective water stewardship in the geographies that we source from and operate within, and we are committed to focusing on measures that are cost effective and relevant within a watershed.