Water Care


At Nestlé Waters, we have always been driven by prevention instead of treatment : this is what we call a “water care” approach. But “water care” goes beyond preserving water in the immediate vicinity of our operations. Nestlé Waters is engaged in sharing its expertise in water resources and sustainable management.

Access to water in sufficient quality and quantity has always been a necessary condition for health, as well as social and economic progress.

There are more people to feed, more industrial goods to supply, and increasing demand from a growing middle class, putting more and more pressure on water supply.

While water is a renewable resource, it is one that can be overexploited.

In many places, rainfall is not sufficient to compensate water withdrawals, and as a result, many aquifers are depleted.

As a consequence, local water stress is increasing, jeopardising regional development capacities, generating disputes amongst water users and adding to geopolitical concerns.

Beyond the question of quantity, pollution sources are quickly -sometimes irreversibly- deteriorating the water quality of our rivers, lakes and underground aquifers.

We therefore require ever more sophisticated and costly treatments to supply much needed water.


Water care and sustainable management

Nestlé Waters has developed multiple collaborative actions with third-parties in order to raise further awareness and consideration of water issues.

We are proud to be recognised for our expertise in addressing water resource management and to have assumed an active leadership role in this area.

By continuously stepping up our own efforts, increasing awareness of water issues around the world, and forging partnerships with wideranging stakeholders, we are playing a part in defining and developing responsible, sustainable local solutions to the global water challenge.

Perpetuating a natural legacy

There is no doubt that the protection of our natural mineral and spring waters facilitates the preservation of these unique sources in their natural state over time.

At Nestlé Waters, we are proud of our role in the perpetuation of a priceless natural heritage, especially in a time when the available quantity and quality of many freshwater reserves is quickly depleting in many parts of the world.

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