Promoting healthy hydration


We recommend local activities to disseminate research-based awareness on hydration to a wider audience, by leveraging new hydration science to the general audience.

Our ultimate goal is to transform the science of healthy hydration into an understandable language and educational messages, in a way that connects with consumers.

We have strict guidelines on the method in which we communicate this information. Any claim that we make with respect to health is always based on scientific research and subject to a strict process of validation via our Regulatory and Scientific Affairs Department to ensure full compliance with the most recent guidance from public health authorities.

Our on-going brand communication includes a high variety of communication supports, such as TV and press advertising, brochures for patient rooms, organising or sponsoring health related events, and our website.

With 25 billion litres sold in 2010, our bottles are probably our most direct way to pass healthy hydration messages to our consumers. Thus, our labels include a “nutritional compass” that provides the nutritional content of the product, advice for consumption and how to obtain knowledge on hydration science.

Water Hydration Informations

Since 1998, we have developed the Nestlé brands’ business model that aims to make high quality drinking water affordable to a wider consumer base, in particular to the rising middle-class in the emerging world. The Nestlé Waters brands PURE LIFE, AQUAREL, and VÉRA were distributed in 40 countries by the end of 2010, and had, in one decade, turned into the number one bottled water brand in the world (Figure 25).


These brands help to meet the expectation of a growing population that is developing its purchasing power and is willing to buy a trusted and safe drinking water to meet their family’s daily water needs.

To facilitate this, the Nestlé Waters’ model is founded on a competitive price that is made possible by a globalised offer (allowing scaled savings) and multi-source production (reducing supply chain costs).

Nestlé Waters brands have made education on healthy hydration one of the key communication axes to consumers. In 2008, the brand launched the “Aqualand” TV advertisement, which kicked off the “8 glasses a day/ “hydrabalance” plan to raise awareness on the fundamentals of healthy hydration.

That global campaign has been translating sound scientific evidence on water balance into understandable information for the general public.

Hydration for children

As for healthy hydration, children are a current focus at Nestlé Waters. We believe that the sooner you adopt a healthy lifestyle, the more sustainable it will be.

Children often see water as a less attractive option compared to colourful sugar-sweetened alternatives. Our ambition is to make drinking water more appealing to children, so they make drinking water their first choice when it comes to daily hydration.

For this reason, Nestlé Waters intends to focus its educational efforts on children, highlighting the benefits of water hydration.

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